Dunk like you've always dreamed, in this arcade-like basketball event

Tournament Summary

5 on 5 full court
16 years old and above (suggested)
Dunk as much as you can
Referees and score keepers are provided
4 point line added (professional 3 point distance)
Pool play on Friday night and single elimination bracket on Saturday
     Friday games - 20 minute running clock until last minute
     Saturday games - 2 halves of 18 minute running clock until last minute
Spectators are free to attend

Fri. May 3rd (7pm - 9pm) and Sat May 4th (9am - 2pm), 2019
Game times will be listed on the bracket, when all teams are registered.

Omaha Sports Academy
11726 Stonegate Circle, Omaha, NE 68164

  • Bring both white and dark colors, unless your team has a team shirt color.  Numbers on jerseys are not required.
  • Women’s basketballs will be used for games and will be available during warm-up.
  • Personal fouls aren't recorded, only team fouls.
         7th team foul = 1&1
         10th team foul = 2 free throws
         13th team foul = free throws become worth 2 points each
  • 4 point line is added (it's the same distance as the professional 3pt line).
  • International goal-tending rules, which allows a player to knock the ball away once it has touched the rim.
  • Dunking is encouraged. Hanging on the rims is not allowed (unless to avoid injury). The penalty is either a technical foul or ejection from the game and possibly the next game as well. This rule is enforced by the officials or facility staff.
  • The winning team will get a $100 team meal at the Texas Roadhouse. Otherwise, the tournament's purpose is to have fun.